A Biographical Sketch

Dr. Iqbal Shailo, an interdisciplinary scholar and geopolitical scientist, works for the Federal Government of Canada. Prior to this position, he worked for the Department of National Defence (DND) of Canada for almost four years as Policy Advisor. He has also taught at Carleton University for a couple of years.

He holds a Ph.D. in Critical Geopolitics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He obtained an M.A. in Public Policy and Public Administration and a post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada. He earned his second M.A. in English Literature from the University of Dhaka, in Bangladesh. In addition, he has three post-graduate diplomas (equivalent to triple M.A.s), including Arabic Literature and Interpretation, and Speeches.

His research interests, generally, are in transnational security, public safety and emergency preparedness, national security, regional integration, Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs), environmental management, grassroots empowerment, climate-change adaptation, homegrown radicalization, countering violent extremism, resilience and societal transformation, and public policy development. 

He has presented papers at various academic and policy forums and published four books, including Romanticism and Seven Odes in Pre-Islamic Age. He has authored more than 30 research studies published in national- and international-referred journals, Pentagon’s yearbooks, the UK think tank, and university publications in the U.S.

He has practical experience working with national and international NGOs addressing issues relating to the disadvantaged societies in North America and countries of the South Asian region. He speaks six languages fluently.

He edited ADAB News and Grassroots (as executive editor) in Bangladesh and was regarded as the youngest English journal editor in the South Asian region. He worked for a Dhaka Radio Station as a producer of the “Shangbad Probaho” (News Trends) show, and was engaged with national and international news agencies and newspapers, such as the Eastern News Agency (as staff reporter); The Weekly Tide (as senior staff reporter); The Weekly Monitor, Montreal (as staff reporter/editorial assistant), East West Dialogue, Montreal (as editor); and Health Asia, Montreal (as managing editor).

He worked as an elected VP-Services for the Concordia University Graduate Students Association (GSA), Montreal from Sept 1997 to Dec 1998.